DW-K – Piston Flow switch

Quick Overview

• Flussostato a pistone.
• Semplice.
• Economico.
• Affidabile.
• Robusto.
• Punto di intervento da 0.1 a 2.5 l/min (fisso).
• Connessione a portagomma 8 mm o filettato 1/4”.
• Ottone o acciaio Inox.
• Pistone in POM.
• In ottone pronta consegna.


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This flowmeter was specially developed for the monitoring of coolant circulation systems with low flow rates, and has been precisely adapted to suit requirements of this application (water or other liquids not particularly viscous). The appliance is ideal for  for switching points between 0,1 and 2,5 l/min and is ultra compact.

Measuring principle
a specially designed piston equipped with a permanent  magnet  is kept in a predefined position via a spring. Depending on the rate of flow, the medium slides the piston against the spring. If the flow exceeds or falls short of the present  switching point, the reed switch outside the medium is activated contactlessly via the permanent magnet.
The design is therefore heremetically sealed. It can be disassembled very easily if it ever needs to be cleaned.

200 V, 15 W, 1A MAX.
Piston: POM.
Spring: Stainless steel.
Body material: vedi articolo.
Hysteresis: about 0,1 l/min.

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