SRD99 – Indicatore digitale

The MultiLog SRD-99 device is designed to record anddisplay current values as well as to present technological parameters in the form of graphs. The device is equipped with eight temperature (Pt100/500/1000) or current (in the 0/4-20 mA standard) inputs, one pulse (digital) input for controlling the recording process and one USB Host port for  ash data storage. Internal memor y has 2 MB capacity (0.5 million data recordings altogether) or 8 MB in version with USB port (2 milions data recordings). However when a USB ash drive is plugged permanently, it can signicantly extend the recording time without a need of data transfering from SRD-99 to a PC. For example: 1GB ash drive allows continuous data recording for over 1 year (8 channels recorded ever y 1 sec., approx 2 50 millions data recordings)! Individual alphanumeric description (text) of each of the recorded channels is possible. The multi-language menu assisted with full text descriptions makes the unit conguration process quite easy. However, due to a signicant number of congured parameters it is advised to use the attached conguration software for PCs.
New in SRD-99 are 2 outputs – electronic relays with max. load 24V AC (35V DC) 200 mA. Main function of outputs is a signalisation of critical situations, but thanks to expanded menu it is possible to use it in numerous control and regulation applications. Both outputs can be driven by single measurement channel or by group of channels (from 1 to 8 channels) with individually adjustable thresholds for ever y measurement channel. Signalisation of output state is made as two elds described R1 and R2 in left upper corner of LCD screen.