DH3 – Manometro, trasmettitore e regolatore

• Trasmettitore differenziale per basse pressioni.
• Uscita analogica 4-20 mA.
• 2 soglie di allarmi programmabili e display locale.
• Ideale come retrofit al già conosciuto Photohelic.

Dettagli Prodotto

The Series DH3 Digihelic® Differential Pressure Controller is a 3 in 1 instrument possessing a digital display gage, control relay switches, and a transmitter with current output all packed in the popular Photohelic® gage style housing. Combining these 3 features allows the reduction of several instruments with one product, saving inventory, installation time and money. The Digihelic® controller is the ideal instrument for pressure, velocity and flow applications, achieving a 1% full scale accuracy on ranges down to the extremely low 0.25 ̋ w.c. to 2.5 ̋ w.c. full scale. Ranges of 5 ̋ w.c. and greater maintain 0.5% F.S. accuracy. Bi-directional ranges are also available. The Series DH3 Digihelic® controller allows the selection of pressure, velocityor volumetric flow operation in several commonly used engineering units. 2 SPDT control relays with adjustable deadbands are provided along with a scalable 4-20 mA process output. Programming is easy using the menu key to access 5 simplified menus which provide access to: security level; selection of pressure, velocity or flow operation; selection of engineering units; K-factor for use with flow sensors; rectangular or circular duct for inputting area in flow applications; set point control or set point and alarm operation; alarm operation as a high, low or high/low alarm; automatic or manual alarm reset; alarm delay; view peak and valley process reading; digital damping for smoothing erratic process applications; scaling the 4-20 mA process output to fit your applications range and field calibration. See applications below for some popular uses.