350/360/370SS – Filtri regolatori in acciaio inox, regolari e filtri


• Esecuzione in AISI 316 in interni ed esterni.
• Guarnizioni in Viton.
• Approvato NACE.
• Connessioni da 1/4” o 1/2” NPT.

ENG - Datasheet


The Type 350/360/370SS series of stainless steel regulators, filter regulators and filters are designed to stand up to the harshest environments while providing highly accurate pressure regulation. Proven 316 stainless steel housing and filter assemblies along with fluoro-carbon elastomers make the 350/360/370SS compatible with sour gas and adaptable to off shore environments. These quality instruments are economical to buy as well as operate, and provide extremely stable and repeatable control of gas pressure. Oversized valving helps the units achieve high flow rates with minimal pressure drop

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