A1F – Pressostati economici con diaframma inox



• Corpo in ottone, alluminio, acciaio inox.
• Diaframma in acciaio inox.
• Campi: da 0,14 a 31 bar.

ENG - Datasheet


Low cost and precision made, the A1F Pressure Switch is ideal for OEM industrial applications. Wetted materials of 316 SS and fluorocarbon ensure great chemical compatibility with a wide range of process media. The open case style is perfect for panel mounting applications like pump skids. Field installable weatherproof enclosure isavailable in polycarbonate offering a low cost weatherproof switch. Superior 15A contact allows direct control of motors or pumps without the use of external relays, a true cost savings. Features include a convenient indicating scale for quick and easy field adjustment.

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