DH2 – Manometro, trasmettitore e regolatore IP66



• Elevazione di zero e filtro programmabile.
• Uscita lineare o quadratica  programmabile.
• Uscita analogica 4…20mA.
• Protocollo Hart.

ENG - Datasheet


The Digihelic® Controller just got better with the New Series DHII Differential Pressure Controller. The DHII takes all the fabulous features of the standard Digihelic® Pressure Controller and packages them in a robust NEMA 4 (IP66) housing. The Digihelic®II Pressure Controller combines the 2 SPDT control relays, 4-20 mA process output and Modbus® communications with a large, brightly backlit 4 digit LCD display that can easily be seen from long distances. The electrical wiring has also been enhanced in the DHII with its detachable terminal blocks. The removable terminals allow the installer to easily wire the terminal block outside the housing and then attach to the circuit board, reducing wiring difficulties and installation time in the process. The Digihelic® II Differential Pressure Control in the new NEMA 4 (IP66) enclosure enables this product to be the perfect choice when mounting pressure controls outdoors in such applications as rooftop air handlers. This housing also makes it the ideal solution for surface mounting in clean rooms or facilities where water or a cleaning solution is utilized in maintaining plant cleanliness.

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