H3 – Pressostato differenziale


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• Pressostato differenziale Antideflagrante ATEX.
• Versioni con corpo in alluminio e diaframma in gomma nitrilica o con corpo in AISI  316 e diaframma in fluoroelastomero.
• Diversi campi disponibili.
• Campo minimo da 25 a 447 mBar.
• Campo max da 0,7 a 13, 8 Bar.
• Esecuzioni: standard, ATEX o UL & CSA.


ENG - Datasheet

Explosion-proof, heavy duty, industrial unit has patented and unique new design which provides sensitivity to differential pressures as low as 10 inches of water (254 mm w.c.), yet handles total pressure of 1500 psi (103 bar). Unlike common differential pressure switches that use a piston-type motion transfer, the Series H3 utilizes a rotary motion transfer shaft that prevents a change in total pressure from causing a setpoint shift. Unit yields deadbands approximately 5% of range, with zero setpoint shift due to variation in working pressures. Friction is minimized and repeatability increased by allowing range spring to act directly on diaphragm plate. Rolling diaphragm design maintains constant effective area to further reduce friction. Diaphragm is allowed to “seat”, allowing application of full rated pressure, up to 1500 psi (103 bar), on either high or low pressure port, without damage. Special overtravel feature prevents overtightening of range adjust screw. Choose optional 316SS chamber for water and water-based fluids or harsher applications.